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Project name: united's international headquarters base project

Item number: ST25001

Start time: 2014-07-03

Project description: in October 2008, the company decided to build the building, in January 2009, formal planning and design of buildings, in May 2009 to start construction, completed and put into use in October 2011. (image) for in au after completion of the building

Phone: 028-68178888

United's international headquarters base project is developed by sichuan union's investment co., LTD. Construction of the project site is located in the longquan in chengdu city economic development zone, Jackie chan avenue, south of horsemen avenue east, net area the project covers an area of 80 mu. The project development is the collection scientific research, office, commercial service facilities is an integrated project, planning a total construction area of 236399 m2, the building area of 192745 m2, underground area is 43654 m2, including building buildings number 9-33 layer, a total of 7, 3-4 layer, a total of 5. The project is divided into two phases construction, total construction period is about three years, total investment of nearly RMB wu.


Union in the enterprise group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the union group) was approved by the state administration for industry and commerce of the People's Republic of China to set up, by the sichuan provincial administration for industry and commerce registration, established on March 18, 1999. Group co., LTD. Is the real estate development, construction, project investment, production and processing, domestic and international trade as the main business of the diversified group enterprise. Group company with professional loyalty, rigorous, unity, friendship, guileless, striving, innovation spirit of enterprise as the guiding ideology, always adhere to the people-oriented, good faith for this, quality for the development train of thought, therefore has made gratifying achievements, group size of net assets reached five billion yuan.


In the development of union group, is in the au team cooperation, the result of hard work. Brilliant achievements in alliance group, is the result of the union of all industriously, is the result of the support and concern from all walks of life.


Union group development, etched with do not forget the leap of imprinting.


- March 18, 1999 unita industrial co., LTD. Announced its original company was formally established.


- January 10, 2002, approved by the state administration for industry and commerce of the People's Republic of China and the African union (au) industrial co., LTD. Upgrade changes for the African union (au) industrial group co., LTD., in the group name is au industrial group, referred to as the union group.


- 18 August 2006, approved by the state administration for industry and commerce of the People's Republic of China, the African union (au) industrial group co., LTD. To upgrade again change to enterprise group co., LTD., in the name of the group for the enterprise group, referred to as the union group.


, with the rapid expansion of group corporation, the second in March 010, the group decided to international market development, on September 29th, 010 in New York in the United States formally established union (USA) CO., LTD., namely: the Zhongmeng (USA) CO., LTD.


Through our unremitting efforts, endeavoring and innovation, we have reason to believe that, in the African union (au) and social friends from all walks of life together, in the fierce market competition, pragmatic, good faith cooperation, the fast and steady development, will be able to always create brilliant!


Union group, in au, people will never forget the society always share the achievements obtained in society, return to the society, it is our tenet!

Zhongmeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd
Enterprise tenet, quality tree brand Nothing great was ever honesty
The spirit of enterprise, dedicated loyalty Simple and precise Solidarity and fraternity, striving, innovation
The style of work - orchestrated Substantial work efficient
Address:Zhongmeng Building,No. 888 Chenglong Avenue ,Chengdu,china
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