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Enterprise, adding overseas commercial real estate development into a new hot sp
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Date: July 12, 2013 13:37

Although before this year's top 20 most time enterprise sales hit a new high in May, however, the property market macro-control, like the sword of Damocles hanging over developers heads. Actively expand new business, therefore, become a lot of real estate enterprise attention, even leading vanke real estate development is no exception. This from vanke in commercial real estate and action in the field of overseas real estate, can see some clues. Commercial real estate rental returns on the low side Since 2010, vanke in commercial real estate investment growth. At the end of 2010 total book value of the investment real estate is only 121 million yuan, to the end of the season has grown to nearly 2.472 billion yuan this year. Although so far, vanke self sustaining scale of commercial real estate is not nearly as poly, jindi counterparts, but if the growth rate, vanke is the commercial real estate in the real estate enterprise scale is growing rapidly. Since restrictions enacted in 2010, many real estate companies, including vanke, began to have involved in commercial real estate development. In addition to vanke, had never set foot in China real estate, commercial real estate began to hold part of commercial property. While China resources, longhu, cofco these in there have been some achievements in the area of commercial real estate property companies, but also increased the investment in recent years. The national bureau of statistics data show that in April this year before the investment amount of the commercial business premises, has accounted for the real estate with a total investment of more than 13%. Some real estate researchers say, compared with the traditional residential development business, lease holdings of commercial real estate rental income is stable, can occur in the sales market fluctuations, effectively supplement real estate enterprise income, make the company through regulation. Part of the enterprise, so investing a huge amount of money, some even accounts for a considerable part of the company net assets. In the first real estate, for example, its self sustaining an investment real estate (mainly in commercial real estate) book value has been more than the net assets of more than fifty percent. Also, this year has just been green land acquisition of high land held by the book value of the investment property, was close to forty percent net worth. But the current commercial real estate lower rent level, soon to the enthusiasm of the real estate company pours cold water. Rand Song Yanqing consulting President says most of the developers of commercial real estate rental yields, should be lower than the same period bank loans interest. At the same time, the commercial real estate development, hold, and take up a large number of investment funds. In fact, the high land after multiple projects to sell the company, is still green land acquisitions, more or less related to the early commercial real estate too much. In such a background, the enterprise, the proportion of capital to hold commercial property, and the types of commercial property development, to some extent to the company's overall business performance will have a significant impact. For vanke, however, its investment in commercial real estate if compared with the company's overall size, the proportion is not high, only 2.92% of the net assets. According to vanke aspect, the company's development, the holdings of commercial real estate, main service development of residential area. (real estate) in Shanghai vanke five neighborhood 2049, for example, it is equipped with baking classroom, farm, children early education center, catering, fitness, business format more services such as community hall five neighborhood residents. To this, xue said, vanke holdings of the community business, on the one hand, the amount of money is not high, on the other hand have the characteristics of the steady rental income. At the same time, also can promote vanke residential projects sales of added value. In fact, other enterprise also USES a similar strategy, to enhance the value of residential property. Just like vanke mainly own development community business of the company, is also rare. Developers overseas investment lift boom In addition to the increase of commercial real estate investment, to spread the investment risk of real estate development, in the first half of the enterprise, is also actively involved in the development of overseas projects, to spread the risk of real estate development investment. In may this year, vanke real estate, said the price of hk $722 million in cash, to the parent company, vanke real estate (Hong Kong) acquisition of tsuen wan west station six projects (20% TW6) project rights together with all the shareholder loan. Data shows, TW6 project involves a nearby west New Territories, Hong Kong MTR tsuen wan west non-industrial land for development, can provide not less than 894 homes. After April, vanke also announced and keppel real estate co., LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement, joint development of real estate projects in China and Singapore. Mature residential area on both sides of the first cooperation project is located in Singapore, for the new changi road section of the project, plans to build a residential building with 726 apartments. Vanke real estate about s $135.5 million in cash (RMB 660 million) to keppel home buyers purchase a 30% stake in the project. In February this year, vanke real estate giant iron lion door signed an agreement with the United States, mutual investment and development in San Francisco rich rose 201 plots of the street. Project is located in the northeast of the United States city of San Francisco bay area, a total construction area of about 75000 square meters, consists of two buildings are 107 meters, 122 meters high tower and two multilayer building, a total of 655 apartments. It is understood that in the cooperation, iron lion goalkeeper as the main operators of the project, in charge of the whole project design, development, sales and operations, vanke will be managing partner and the role of financial investors to participate in the project. Actively seek to expand their business in overseas, not only the vanke. Hong Kong, China announced on June 5, lands department, two "port of Hong Kong people to" measures of housing land, all for hk $2.27 billion to China's ab development co., LTD. Two batch of land lease for 50 years, land price amounted to hk $4.54 billion, total number of residential units development projects shall not be less than 1145. Announcement shows that two plots are respectively located in Kowloon on the kai tak site 1 h1 new Kowloon section of no. 6516 on the mainland, and site 1 h2 on new Kowloon section of no. 6517 on the mainland's land. And both of land use in accordance with the provisions, to offer the highest bidder. China shipping, said two block position is convenient, and with ocean scenery, belongs to the quality of land, is expected to total land with a total investment of 9 billion hk dollar. After early in Malaysia and South Korea for overseas development projects of country garden and green space, and actively promote project in local. On May 28, credit suisse group issued a research report, country garden is located in three projects sales in Malaysia is strong. Malaysia project, sales will account for 20% of the country garden in the second half of the sales contract. And in order to promote sales, country garden in Shanghai, Beijing (property), and other cities set up outlets, sales of the tourism real estate, including Malaysia project.

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