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In the union group 38 women's day special events
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In the union group 38 women's day special events

Report from our correspondent () "wheatgrass news that red apricot tip", the season in this nor, the grass sprout out of the earth, and a "march eighth international working women's day" cana t. In order to celebrate this festival, let women employees enjoy as a woman's happiness and joy, feel the care of female employees of wanda group and care for, on March 8, the union group held the 38 women's days special events.

Au in women with their own may contribute for the development of a force to be reckoned with, they use simple words and deeds, the appearance of flowers, in the ordinary post, shows the "don't let a man" meritorious xiuse, therefore, group culture and the union of specially engineered this "happy love mstching game" 38 section special activity, let everybody in increase communication understanding, harvest a happy mood.

Activities on the same day, every female employee not only received from the company's flowers, and male staff spontaneously to prepare any gifts. Activities started, male employees randomly selected a female colleague to send small gifts, and sent my blessing, female colleagues return thanks to words, the scene is full of laughter.

This activity contains three levels of meaning, the first is au group of women's social status in the affirmation and recognition of women in the workplace and fully respect for women, just had today au women were almost which accounts for half of the total group, women do to prop up the "half the sky" of the enterprise, play an extremely important role in daily work. More au in women hope to as a "career", not just a "mother", the role of "wife" to prove his worth.

Launched the second meaning of the special events, 38 women's days hope male staff to participate in activities, also can to the side of the lover, elders to a holiday greetings, or cared by action of close relatives, to express love, and then pass it on.

Finally, in the hope that female employees in the company, under the care of with full enthusiasm and the best working state, play women unique strong flexible side, on the post again. Next year we will be on the basis of this activity, selected worker, sets up the model and benchmarking, spread positive positive energy.

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