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Natural, healthy, organic purple potato for the group of food industry
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In early April, the sichuan zoomlion's modern agriculture co., LTD., has completed the early stage of the purple potato seedling, at present the purple potato seedlings in the field has been speared out, gaining momentum, to meet the sun and the rain. This year is the key to the purple potato organic certification, all work a work in progress, once completed certification, organic purple potato will be listed at the end of the year. Organic purple potato will be next year at the same time, rice dumplings, moon cakes, four seasons cake raw materials, to further improve product quality. Perfect industry chain layout, lead a healthy life, bring consumers more fresh taste and new idea, is our common efforts.

Organic purple potato rich nutrition with special health care function, than ordinary sweet potatoes, color more gorgeous attraction, good taste, rich in protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, ammonia acid, vitamins and a variety of minerals, but also rich in selenium element and anthocyanins. Purple potato nutrient-rich special health functions, including protein amino acids are easy to digest and absorb by human body. Which are rich in vitamin A can improve eyesight and skin mucosa epithelial cells, vitamin C can make normal for collagen protein synthesis, the prevention and treatment of scurvy, anthocyanins are natural potent free radical scavenger.

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