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Have the past eventful days entrepreneurial passion, see today bear fruits.

Under the support and concern from all walks of life, the union of solidarity, innovation, hard work, has achieved remarkable performance by the industry.

Let people proud of is, in the union group commitment to adhere to the core of his ideas and values, the pursuit of comprehensive harmonious development, create the good situation to win more. Trials and hardships, the African union (au) group in the market to test out of the unique way of business, the precipitation in the ebb tide au in the wonderful culture. Suitable for their own development model in alliance group continuously explore, firm limited related multivariate industry layout, realize industrial expansion through capital operation, set up industry group, accelerate the pace of industry consolidation, the success of the industry attention. Value concept as the core of the African union (au) culture has formed powerful cohesion and centripetal force, devotion and loyalty, rigorous, unity, friendship, guileless, striving, innovation "the enterprise spirit inspires all of au people climb the new peak again.

Look to the future, the African union (au) people with confidence and ideals, passion and creation. Union group has made the sprint to the world top 500 enterprises of medium and long-term development goals, making the journey of one hundred enterprises, the African union (au) people will with the zero point of view, to the spirit of transcendence, with you to jointly create a better tomorrow.

                                                                                              -- in the au group President 
Zhongmeng Enterprise Group Co., Ltd
Enterprise tenet, quality tree brand Nothing great was ever honesty
The spirit of enterprise, dedicated loyalty Simple and precise Solidarity and fraternity, striving, innovation
The style of work - orchestrated Substantial work efficient
Address:Zhongmeng Building,No. 888 Chenglong Avenue ,Chengdu,china
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